CV. Toya Arta Sejahtera

CV.Toya Arta Sejahtera - Jual IPAL rumah sakit dan Clarifier ( WTP ) Water Treatment Plant

Water Treatment Plant For PDAM

This category contains all of our products related to Steel Science, which is a water treatment system for the Water Treatment Plant and for ordinary work is known as Ipa Steel or clean water treatment plants made of steel. Please select our products listed on the bottom page

Ipa Baja made by Arya Sejahtera


Ipa Steel made by our company is able to treat water from several water sources such as:

- River water

- Air Source

- Water springs

- Rainwater


Excellence of Ipa Baja Toya Arta Sejahtera

- Can be applied to remote areas

- Can be fabricated on location

- Customized or models can be adapted to the available land conditions

- Can treat peat water (inform if the treated water contains peat)


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Hendra Sulistyanto

Tel: 0812 180 34 606


email: Ipa Steel applications:


- Industrial Water Treatment Plant

- Ipa Baja SPAM

- Ipa Baja airport and other public facilities

- Steel IPAs for buildings, offices, hotels and apartments

- IPA Steel Package for Oil & Gas

- Ipa Baja for mes employees in the mining area

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