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Waate water Treatment aerator
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15 Apr 2020
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RJA Jet Aerator

Specification of Waate water Treatment aerator


Ipal Turbojet aerator is a machine designed specifically to carry out the task of providing air or oxygen supply. In the Wastewater Treatment Unit or WWTP the role of the Ipal Aerator is very vital. Because the performance of this Turbojet aerator engine can guarantee the survival of microorganisms in the aeration unit. so that the bacteria can work properly in accordance with its function. Calculation of large and small use of ipal aerator in the sewage treatment system is determined from various things according to the calculation including
Expected Oxygen / DO values ​​expected
The value of the BOD parameter in Wastewater
Waste water discharge capacity to be treated every day
Types of waste water sources
Dimensions Bak aeration in ipal Length and Height

Function of Ipal Aerator

Turbojet Aerator engines in addition to functioning as air suppliers. this tool can also be used as a reliable mixer. Air bursts coming out of the rotation of the ipal aerator motor propeller. must be able to stir the waste water in all areas of the aeration pond evenly. Besides the Aeration Process with Turbojet Aerator can reduce water temperature in the aeration pond. Oxygen injection process carried out continuously will result in a decrease in temperature in wastewater. This happens because water reacts with free oxygen.

The Advantages Of RJA Turbojet Aerator Engines.

At least there are several advantages of the Ipal Rja Aerator engine / Rapid Jet aerator produced by Toya Arta Sejahtera Production, one of which is:
Can quickly reduce COD and BOD levels in wastewater
Cheap aerator machine prices
Easy to install because the location of the machine is above the surface
In terms of installation does not require complicated piping and submerged in water
The system used is very simple
Original Indonesian Products so that all equipment used is always ready stock
Very easy periodic maintenance
The Turbojet aerator waste model Aerator engine is very reliable performance because it is set to be able to operate for 24 hours non-stop

Turbojet aerator & Surface Aerator application

Waste Aerator Machine Turbojet aerator and surface aerator models can be applied to several industrial sites. Office space. Hospitality, and other wastewater treatment system facilities. Including the Sewage Treatment Plant / STP unit. In principle, the concept of waste treatment and oxygen supply processes using our waste aerator production. It is suitable for use in all types of waste treatment. Extended aeration, Lagoon and MBBR are the most suitable processing systems for the application of our waste aerator products.

Be Sure To Choose Our Company Toya Arta Sejahtera as a Manufacturer of Turbojet Aerator Unit Aerators in your area. Our company guarantees quality and precision in the fabrication process of each of our products. Free monitoring and assistance as well as operator training are our additional special services.
The waste treatment process with Turbojet Aerator from our company has been proven and tested to be durable and good in performance. Choosing our company Toya Arta Prosperous in the procurement and purchase of Waste aerator machines is a wise decision.

Consult the technical issues immediately from your company's waste aerator machine. Contact our Call Center or marketing via telephone or email. Or invite us to come and present all the waste aerator products produced by our production. we will be happy to come serve and present it

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