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Waste Water Turbojet & Surface Aerator

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21 Sep 2021
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RJA Jet Aerator

Specification of Waste Water Turbojet & Surface Aerator

Turbojet Aerator waste model aerator and Surface Aerator for
Ipal / WWTP Pool Aerator

In wastewater treatment systems.
We often encounter Waste Aerators. Especially Turbojet Aerator and Surface
Aerator models. The use of this ipal aerator machine is to produce a supply of
air for the life of bacteria contained in aeration ponds. While the bacteria
themselves are assigned to decompose the organic content contained in
wastewater. This waste aerator unit is installed in the aeration unit. The
magnitude of the capacity of the aerator engine is determined from the
calculation of the level of oxygen needed. to support the life of the bacteria
The oxygen demand calculation system is measured by the DO value in treated
wastewater. DO or dissolved oxygen is the free oxygen content that is found and
dissolved in water. The unit is mg / l or ppm. on the market there are many
models of turbojet aerator engines offered. However, it is in the application in
the field that the Turbojet and Surface aerator systems are the most superior
for the needs of waste aerators in the Aeration unit.



About Turbojet Aerator As Aerated Pond Waste Aerator


Turbojet Aerator is a machine
with an Electromotor connected to the Shaft as its working device. At the end
of the Shaft is put a propeller or propeller to draw oxygen in the free air.
Then exhaled in aeration pond. by spitting out microbuble air bubbles and
containing a lot of oxygen content. This microbuble air bubble will dissolve
oxygen into wastewater. With the adequacy of oxygen fulfilled, the atmosphere
of Bacteria will be comfortable. So that the decomposition process of organic
content in wastewater will not be disturbed. The concept of the Turbojet waste
model aerator is to use the air-water method. i.e. the free air around the
waste aerator machine will be pulled out and exhaled into the aeration unit.
Turbojet's Waste Aerator System is more suitable for wastewater ponds that have
a high level of depth. For small sizes can also be used for aerator shrimp
shrimp ponds.

About Surface Aerator As A Reliable and Qualified Air Supply

As for the process of aerator
waste, the surface aerator model is the opposite of the Turbojet Aerator Unit.
This system uses the concept of air in air. Propellers are submerged in water
and driven by a drive motor. Will take water that is below the surface surface
aerator. then thrown into the air with a circular burst model. Sewage aerator
systems with surface aerators are more suitable for medium depth wastewater
pools. One of the Turbojet surface aerator waste aerator machines from Tya Arta
Sejahtera is memeng deliberately designed for waste containing High TSS. Water
thrown into the free air will then bind with oxygen in the oxygen air. So that
when it comes down into the water again the bound oxygen is immediately
dissolved in the water. This oxygen is needed by decomposing bacteria to stay
alive and work well.





Excellence of Engine and
Performance of Turbojet Aerator and Surface Aerator

From some experience and
applications in the field with our Turbojet and Surface Aerator engines. Some
of the advantages of using waste aerators we attach as follows:

  • Easy installation system because
    it is above the surface of the water
  • Easy maintenance. Turbojet
    engines and surface aerators are designed to work 24 hours

  • Low operational costs
  • Guaranteed availability and spare
    parts and equipment can be obtained easily on the market.

  • The price is cheaper than other
    similar products

  • Does not require complicated
    piping. Just stay installed above the surface of the waste aerator machine
    directly to operate.

  • Reduce COD and BOD Quickly
  • Can be multi-function as a
    cooling machine / Cooler

  • In addition to the air supply,
    this machine is also designed as a powerful mixer / mixing machine for the
    equalization process.

About Toya Arta Sejahtera The
Best and Experienced Waste Aerator Manufacturer.


Our company is specialized in
wastewater treatment and clean water treatment. This turbojet aerator and surface
aerator waste type aerator products are the mainstay of our company. Toya Arta
prosperous Always guarantee the quality level of our production Aerator waste.
Every piece of equipment is made with great precision through sophisticated and
scalable machines. Our company has more than 20 years experience in making
waste aerators. Guarantee for 2 years and on time delivery is our priority.
Performance guarantee according to design and operator assistance is one of our
special services.


Be sure to choose our company.
Toya Arta Sejahtera as a work partner and Best partner for the procurement of
Turbojet waste and Surface Aerator models. Immediately contact our customer
service and technical support to get the best brochures and prices for waste
aerator products. Or you can also contact us and consult Via Whats Ap with our
24-hour call center who is always ready to serve. or invite us to survey the
job site. Our company will be happy to present all products and services from
Arya Sejahtera toya. As a Trusted Waste Aerator Fabricator.



Contact Customer Service and our
Technical Support


Tel / WA: 081218034606

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