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Ipal Rs Waste Water Treatment Plant
Ipal Rs Waste Water Treatment Plant
Ipal Rs Waste Water Treatment Plant
Ipal Rs Waste Water Treatment Plant
Ipal Rs Waste Water Treatment Plant
Ipal Rs Waste Water Treatment Plant
Ipal Rs Waste Water Treatment Plant
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Last Updated
15 Apr 2020
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Specification of Ipal Rs Waste Water Treatment Plant

Hospital Ipal Installation, Wastewater Treatment with Decomposing Bacteria


 Definition of Hospital Ipal Installation and Understanding

Hospital Ipal Installation, which is also commonly called a Hospital Ipal, is a building or structure, which functions to treat waste wastewater, from hospital activities to proper disposal water according to government quality standards. The Work Concept of the Ipal Hospital Installation is actually the same as the Ipal Puskesmas. What distinguishes it is that only in terms of its capacity, the hospital medical Ipal is designed for treating wastewater with a large capacity while the medical treatment center for a small capacity.


 Functions and benefits of Ipal Rs

 Hospital medical wastewater treatment plants or Ipal, in addition to treating wastewater, also serves to maintain the quality of recipient water bodies from the effects of decreased environmental impact. In addition, the manufacture of hospital Ipal installations is also one of the hospital's accreditation requirements in order to obtain a Green certificate.

 Excellence of Ipal Installation Toya Arta Sejahtera Hospital

Some of the advantages of our artificial Ipal Hospital Installation, one of them is

• Using Bioreactor Technology

• The latest technology designed by Toya Arta Sejahtera has proven to be very efficient

• Easy to operate even though a layman technician

• Low Cost, Low Maintenance Cost, Low Operational Cost

• Ipal Rs with a Customized system / Shape and model adjusting to field conditions

• Easy to operate

• Easy to maintain

• Cheap in operation

• Fast delivery according to the scheduled time

• Choice of material can use iron or fiberglass

• Can be adjusted to the size of available land

• Equipment used is freely available on the market

• 100% Indonesian Local Products

Why you should choose Ipal Rs Toya Arta Prosperous Products


• Our company has handled Ipal hospitals throughout Indonesia

• Proven and Tested all projects we work on operate to the maximum

• Evidenced by good cooperation from the sanitary effluent hospital Ipal meets the quality standards for liquid waste

• The equipment used is proven to be durable with a Life Time over 2 years

• Availability of Guaranteed spare parts

• All Rs Ipal Goods used are on the market

• When a problem occurs, spare parts and replacement are very easy, no need to indent

• The installation is proven to be odor free even though it is placed in front of the hospital

• ISO Certified Company

• Has Patents from the Director General of Intellectual Property Rights


Make sure Choosing Toya Arta Sejahtera As a work partner in the procurement of Ipal Hospital, Because only we can guarantee that the entire project runs according to its function, and only we are ready to be tested for material design calculations mathematically and according to technical rules. We always provide Ipal Rs operator training services after the project is completed, with operator assistance to be able to operate Ipal Rs properly.

List of Ipal Type Rs Toya Arta Sejahtera





1 BR - 25 25 Bed 13 m3 Iron / Fiber

2 BR - 50 50 Bed 25 m3 Iron / Fiber

3 BR - 75 75 Bed 40 m3 Iron / Fiber

4 BR - 100 100 Bed 50 m3 Iron / Fiber

5 BR - 150 150 Bed 75 m3 Iron / Fiber

6 BR - 200 200 Bed 100 m3 Iron / Fiber

7 BR - 300 300 Bed 150 m3 Iron / Fiber

8 BR - 400 400 Bed 200 m3 Iron / Fiber



About Us Toya arta Sejahtera


Toya arta prosperous is a National Local company specializing in the field of work for the procurement of goods and services Waste Water Treatment Installation (Ipal / WWTP) and Clean Water Treatment Installation (IPA / WTP) in the project work that we do always prioritize the principle of easy, inexpensive, effective, Quality, Ipal Rs is one of the business fields of our company. Toya arta Sejahtera is domiciled in Bogor Regency Precisely in the village of Harapan jaya Cibinong. Entrust Rs Procurement Needs to us.


For more information about products or services from our company, including Ipal Rs, please contact us via Telephone, Whats Ap or the company's official email, or can also invite us to present it, we will be happy to always be ready to serve. Immediately Consult us your Ipal needs.


Contac Center and Fast Response


Toya Arta Sejahatera


Hendra Sulistyanto

Tel: 021 82716924

Fast Response Call / WA: 0812 180 34 606

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