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water Treatment Plant for Drinking

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21 Sep 2021
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Specification of water Treatment Plant for Drinking


Ipa Baja Is a system of treating clean water from water sources for later treatment until the quality is in accordance with the clean water quality standards. Ipa Baja is commonly used in PDAM water treatment, Housing Water Treatment. Water Treatment of Industrial Estates and Other Use of Clean Water Treatment. Sources of water that can be taken from river water, springs, lake water, swamp water can even take sources from peat water. This steel treatment system is a refinement of the previous model of drinking water treatment system. Previously the water treatment system was still using the Slow Sand Filter Process and the Quick Sand Filter. This system even though the results are good. However, it requires extra monitoring and maintenance. It also requires a large area. While water treatment systems using IPA steel are more effective in terms of land use and how the process works. The function of Sand as the main filtering will be replaced with chemical coagulators and flocculators to speed up the process.

About Us Toya Arta Sejahtera Trusted Ipa Baja Manufacturer.

Toya Arta Sejahtera Is a national local company that is engaged in the manufacture of clean water treatment plants and wastewater treatment. Ipa Steel products are the superior products of our company. All of our company's Water Treatment Plant products have been tested through thorough research and calculations. In addition, many companies and partner contractors have entrusted our company as a fabricator for the manufacture of steel. Quality assurance as well as product precision and aesthetics are our priority. We guarantee the completion of work on time and guarantee the performance of steel works according to the specified design.

Toya Arta Sejahtera Steel Products

Our company serves the manufacture of steel in a variety of types and types of choices among which we describe as follows.

Ipa Steel Capacity of 1 Liter per second
Capacity of 2.5 Liters / Second
Capacity of 5 Liters / second
Capacity of 10 Liters / second
Capacity of 20 Liters / second
Capacity of 30 Liters / second
capacity of 50 Liters / second
Capacity of 100 Liters / second

In addition to the capacity we mentioned above, our company also serves orders for steel with other capacities in accordance with the order. Our company accepts orders and installs clean water treatment plants and drinking water treatment products for all regions of Indonesia.


Product Excellence Ipa Baja Toya arta Sejahtera

All products have been tested and proven quality
Designed with careful calculations in accordance with mathematical and technical methods
Fast workmanship and installation process.
For places that are difficult to reach, our steel products can be fabricated in the field
Customized systems can change according to available land space
Experienced technicians in installing and operating IPA steel
Cheap in investment costs and selling prices
Tool maintenance is very easy
A simple operating system can be done by anyone, even though the layman as well
Low operational costs, especially the purchase of chemicals and electricity costs
The equipment used can be obtained easily on the market
Free training and operator training both operating training and theoretical training.

Entrust and be sure to choose our company as the best partner in the supply, procurement and fabrication of steel IPAs for you. Immediately contact our Technical Support and Customer service via telephone, Email or Whats ap to get offers and information and brochures of our steel products. or you can invite us to survey the project site. we will be happy to present it.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Hendra Sulistyanto


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