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Hospital waste water treatment

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21 Sep 2021
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Specification of Hospital waste water treatment

Hospital Ipal water treatment tank is an effort to preserve the environment

The definition of a hospital ipal is a wastewater treatment system that functions to treat dirty wastewater from the hospital. Hospital wastewater that contains many pathogenic bacteria is very dangerous if there is direct contact with humans. What's more usually hospital waste tends to be infectious. Therefore we need a wastewater treatment system or hospital ipal that works and operates well. and produce quality effluent and meet government quality standards.

 In addition, the purpose of building a hospital ipal is to participate in protecting the environment. This is in line with government programs regarding environmental management efforts. With the construction of the hospital ipal, it shows that we have a role in supporting the work program launched by the government.

Some Functions and Benefits of Hospital Ipal Builders:

• The first function of the hospital's goal is to reduce damage and environmental impacts that occur due to careless disposal of waste. if hospital waste is not treated continuously, it is certain that environmental damage, especially along waterways to receiving water bodies, will be polluted.

• The second function of building a hospital ipal is to maintain the health of the surrounding community and reduce odors that occur due to untreated waste. if the waste is not treated properly it will trigger the growth of spoilage bacteria that can cause unpleasant odors.

Our Company Profile Toya Arta Sejahtera. Trusted Ipal Hospital manufacturer.

Our company is domiciled in Bogor district with the main business areas namely wastewater treatment and clean water treatment. Products such as hospital ipal are featured products from our company. The application of appropriate, advanced and modern technology keeps our hospital's IPAL products in operation today. Meanwhile, the Efforts That encourage us to always create the latest innovations in wastewater treatment equipment is the high level of dependence on imported products. even though local products from our own country are ready to compete with imported products. Indeed, sometimes imported products are cheap, but if calculated from the level of durability of goods and its life time globally the use of quality local products is even more efficient. In addition, the manufacture and fabrication of hospital ipal is to eliminate the proud paradigm of using foreign products.

IPal Products Toya Arta Sejahtera Hospital

Toya arta prosperous has been proven and tested installing and making hospital ipal spread throughout Indonesia. Some hospitals that have built hospital ipal are from private and government. all the projects given to us have been successfully completed. Our company guarantees process warranty and tool warranty for 2 years. Hospital ipal process guarantees include the quality of laboratory test results that meet the requirements and fall within the government's quality standard criteria. other than that
For the warranty of our company's equipment for hospital ipal products viz. A warranty consisting of damage to the device during the warranty period. in addition, our company also provides training services to operators and operator assistance during the maintenance period. The training provided in the hospital ipal project is training in the field in hospital ipal operations and theoretical classroom training (In House Training)

Ipal Hospital is available with capacities from 5 m3 / day to large capacities of 300 m3 / day. the warranty we provide for hospital ipal prices is the best price and quality. Immediately consult your hospital's ipal procurement needs to us. Contact us via telephone or Whats ap or via email to us. or you can also invite us to present it. with pleasure we will always be ready to serve and explain each of our company's products and services according to your needs.

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