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Hospital Waste Water Treatment Plant

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21 Sep 2021
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Specification of Hospital Waste Water Treatment Plant

Ipal Hospital
Wastewater Treatment Systems With Decomposing Bacteria

Initial explanation regarding Ipal Hospital

At this time the need for Procurement of health facilities such as hospitals continues to be strived for growth. Especially for areas outside of Java island, some of which still lack facilities. This is to support the level of Indonesian human health. This program continues to be carried out by the government for the achievement of these main objectives. To support the success of the program one of the efforts that must also be carried out is by controlling environmental impacts. Especially water pollution. One of the efforts made is the procurement of Hospital Ipal. This unit aims to process wastewater into better water.

Definition of Hospital Medical Ipal.

Understanding Of hospital Ipal is a system consisting of several machines which are strung together. Until it can drain water from a source of liquid waste water from the hospital to the receiving water body channel. The hospital's Ipal system itself aims to be able to treat hospital waste water until the effluent parameters meet the government quality standards. The Ipal Hospital system is designed as efficiently as possible so that it can be operated by anyone and anywhere. The benefits of hospital ipal are ensuring hospital waste water management efforts from environmental damage due to hospital liquid waste disposal.

Hospital Waste Management Process System that is applied.

There are so many hospital Ipal treatment systems sold on the market. all of them have their own level of excellence. Every company is competing to be the best in terms of product innovation in their hospital waste treatment plants. The processing systems on the market one of them is as follows:

Wastewater Oxidation System
This hospital waste treatment process uses an oxidation model or Redox reaction in its work system. The use of oxidation usually uses Ozone Gas (O3) for its work. The use of ozone generators and assisted with strong oxidizing agents such as H2O2 Hydrogen peroxide is claimed to be able to oxidize the COD and BOD content in this hospital wastewater. There are also many Hospital Ipal Systems in Indonesia that use this system in hospital waste treatment plants.

Biotek Ipal Tank System
The hospital waste treatment system uses a round-shaped Fiberglas tank and the sleeping position as the main treatment tank. In the Biotek Fiberglas tank, the hospital waste treatment system is assembled. Usually this model hospital uses a combination of aerobic and aerobic systems to treat hospital waste. The advantage of this system is that it is simple in shipping and the tank can be planted on the ground. This role is very important, especially for hospitals that have limited land for hospital ipal.

RBC (Rotary Biologycal Contac) system
This system uses a rotor disk and rotates media on its axis. Bacteria attached to the RBC media will be rotated continuously so that they can come into contact with wastewater. The process of decomposition of COD and BOD in hospital wastewater is due to contact between microorganisms that are attached to the wastewater in the main treatment basin. This model of IPAL hospital system is widely applied in Indonesia. but now it is very rarely that applies this system to hospital ipal.

Bioreactor System
This Bioreactor System is a superior system that is implemented and made by our company. Toya arta prospered. Treatment system by combining aerobic processing. and continued with treatment by Aerobic. then proceed with the process of recycling / Water Recycling. Hospital Ipal Processing System with Bioreactor has been widely applied in hospital waste treatment systems in Indonesia. This Bioreactor System is the most superior and most economical system. And the results are more efficient and optimal when compared to other model processing systems.

Excellence of Bioreactor Waste Management Systems

At least some of the advantages of using the Bioreactor system in the process of treating Ipal at the hospital

Easy to Operate System
Bioreactor system in the hospital ipal is very easy to operate. In the operational process it is enough to only use 1 operator who is still watching. After the system runs. The hospital waste treatment process can be left behind because it has been running automatically. This system does not require an operator with a special level of expertise. everyone is guaranteed to operate properly and correctly.

The equipment used is easily available on the market
All equipment used in the Type Bioreactor Hospital Waste treatment system is guaranteed to use 100% Indonesian raw materials. so when there is a problem or replacement. Damaged engine units will be easily available on the market. Process failure due to the absence of a replacement tool can be minimized.

Customized system
Land limitations are not a problem that is considered serious in implementing the IPAL of the Bioreactor hospital model. Because the bioreactor waste treatment system can be modified in its dimensions adjusted to the availability of land in the field.

Does not require the addition of bacteria and nutrition
The bioreactor system prioritizes the performance of bacterial optimization for the main process. so that bacteria that are in the treatment system will multiply naturally. So it does not add more bacteria during the processing. This is what makes Ipal Rumaah Bioreactor sicker superior in saving operational costs

Does not cause noise
Use of Turbojet Machine Equipment aerators as air supplying machines. Bioreactor Hospital's Ipal system hardly makes any noise. This will increase the comfort of patients and people who are in the hospital area. Another advantage though is that this system is openly designed. Bioreactor process is guaranteed not to cause odor.


BR - 5 for a capacity of 5m3 / day or the equivalent of 10 Bed patients
BR - 10 For a capacity of 10 m3 / day or equivalent to 20 Patient Beds
BR - 20 For a capacity of 20 m3 / day or equivalent to 40 Patient Beds
BR - 50 For a capacity of 50 m3 / day or equivalent to 100 Patient Beds
BR - 100 for Ipal Hospital capacity of 100 m3 / day or equivalent to 200 Patient Beds
BR - 200 for ipal RS Capacity of 200 m3 / day or equivalent to 400 Patient Beds

In addition to these types, our company also serves special capacity requests that will be designed according to the capacity of the treated waste.

Be sure to choose our product Ipal Bioreactor Hospital as the right choice in determining the good and optimal processing method. Immediately contact Tecnical support or our marketing to get promos and attractive price quotes about hospital Ipal products. Request for offers and consultations can be via Telephone, email or Consultation via our respone Facet Call Center with whats ap connection. Or you can also invite us to survey the location to be built ipal. we will gladly come to serve and present all hospital ipal products from the Toya arta prosperous fabrication


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