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Fiberglass Panel Tank
Fiberglass Panel Tank
Fiberglass Panel Tank
Fiberglass Panel Tank
Fiberglass Panel Tank
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04 Aug 2020
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Specification of Fiberglass Panel Tank

The development of this increasingly advanced era makes the need for water higher, To support the water needs, it is always needed Water storage tanks, especially for housing and apartment buildings and hotels, the products needed are Fiberglass Tanks, there are various models and forms of Fiberglass Water Tanks, one of them is Tank Panel Fiberglass, this tank is a combination of several box mold modules that are fabricated in the workshop, to assemble each module Fiberglass Tank Panel required Joint Nuts and Bolts in large quantities, the larger the Fiberglas tank is made, the more difficult it is to install but the larger the tank becomes even cheaper Price of fiberglass tank panels.

Panel Tank fiberglass Toya Water System

Our company produces a type of Fiberglass water storage tank which is usually also called the fiberglass roof tank


The advantages of installing Fiberglass Tank Panels

Made from fiberglass which is certainly anti-rust

Has a Life Time of more than 20 years

Fiberglass Tank Panel Connection System using bolt nuts makes it easy to install especially for difficult places

Easy to install on the roof of a building

There is no need for large space when storing and installing

Flexible and adjustable dimensions of length, width and height.

In the installation and manufacture of Fiberglass Tank Panels our company has experienced Structural Experts and Reliable Technicians for the installation work, we serve the manufacture of Fiberglass Tank tanks in all regions of Indonesia


Service and warranty

Manufacture guarantee according to the agreed time

Installation of Fiberglass Tank Panels by Experienced Technicians

1 year tank warranty

For more information about our products or services for making our Fiberglass Tank Panel, please contact our Tecnical Support and Marketing at our 24-hour Call Center

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

brosur panel tank.pdf



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