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Waste Water Treatment Hospital system

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21 Sep 2021
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Specification of Waste Water Treatment Hospital system

Hospital wastewater treatment system.

Wastewater treatment system which is commonly called hospital ipal is. The series of tools or machines that are combined into a single system. Ipal hospital works to treat waste water from hospital activities to be feasible to dispose into the river. Ipal hospital was built in conjunction with the hospital. Lots of technology in making hospital ipal. One of them uses an aerobic biology system. Aerobic biology system is. hospital wastewater treatment system that uses decomposing bacteria or microorganisms. in this case the use of microorganisms that can live in the presence of air (aerobic bacteria)

About our company Toya Arta Sejahtera.

Toya Arta Sejahtera is a local company domiciled in Bogor district. With the main focus of his business namely. specialized in the field of wastewater treatment / Ipal and clean water treatment / WTP. The hospital wastewater treatment system using the Bioreactor Model is one of our company's flagship products. This bioreactor system has been widely used in hospital hospitals in several places. after operating all systems that we have installed can be operated normally with a quality waste water yield. In our view, the bioreactor model wastewater treatment system is the most ideal and capable of performance compared to other models and types.

The advantages of Bioreactor wastewater treatment systems:

Fast installation
Easy to talk
Bioreactor model wastewater treatment systems are cheap in maintenance
All available items are available continuously and can be obtained easily in the market
Ipal model hospital bioreactor is a local product so care and treatment need not be questioned
No need for bacteria or nutrients for chemical processes
Easily made by people who don't need basic techniques
Does not cause noise
The use of turbojet aerator equipment makes the equipment in this bioreactor system more durable
Proven and proven quality in several hospital ipal that has been installed.

Be sure to choose Kemi as a trusted partner for waste water bioreactor treatment system products. Immediately contact us by telephone, email or consultation contact via whats app with us. or can invite us to survey locations. we will be pleased to present all of our wastewater treatment system products

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Technical support;

Hendra Sulistyanto
Tel / WA: 0812 180 34 606
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